Must Try: Thai Snacks and Souvenir

Thai souvenir and gift such as snacks are a common culture in Thailand

Thai Snacks and Souvenirs

As one of the top tourist destinations in the world, Thai souvenir and Thai snacks are the must when you return from your visit to Thailand. But what makes the best souvenir for your special ones? There is a phrase in Thai “ขนมของฝาก” (Kha nom Korng Fark) which means snacks and souvenir. Hence, we believeThai snacks and food are the best souvenir to bring back from your travel! Here is the list of must-try & must-bring-home snacks from Thailand.


Thailand is a tropical country blessed with various exotic fruits, from sweet mango to tasty durians. Visit Thailand any month, and you’re sure to find a unique fruit to try. For example, juicy watermelons in February, sweet and sour mangosteen in June and creamy papaya in December. Bringing fresh fruits home may be quite a challenge, but there are a range of processed fruits that are travel-friendly. We recommend solar-dried bananas for sweet and juicy treat. Dehydrated guava is best for snacking in the afternoon when feeling sleepy. Lastly, freeze-dried mangosteen will surprise your taste buds!


The South of Thailand protrudes into the sea, giving us abundant seafood all year round! One of the uniqueness of Thai snack is savory snacks, packed full with flavors from interesting ingredients. Seaweed snacks are low in calories and come in various flavors from cheese to smoked salmon. Fish snacks are perfect for on-the-go nibbles, as they don’t make your hands dirty! There are also many seafood flavored snacks, such as crab curry flavored potato chips and Tom Yam Kung (spicy prawn soup) flavored biscuits. The snacks are readily available at tourist spots and convenient stores.

Thai snacks

Popular Thai snacks are similar to other Asian snacks in the sense that they are usually quite savory. Fish and seafood snacks are highly recommended as they are packed with flavors and there are a wide variety of flavors to choose from. Savory snacks are usually quite spicy which reflects the flavor of Thai food. Unique flavored potato chips, such as Curry crab flavored and Tom Yum Koong Flavored chips, are also good souvenir choices. If you’re unsure of what to pick, why not order our Heap Brand Thai snack box and travel hassle-free? We’ll delivery the unique Thai experience for your special ones!

Traditional Thai desserts

Thai desserts are popular souvenirs from Thailand due to their mild sweet taste and unique aromatic smell. Crispy coconut rolls are everyone’s all-time favorite that are perfect as tea and coffee pairings. Along with their delicious tastes, Thai desserts also have special names that are believed to bring good luck and fortune. For example, ทองหยิบ (Thong Yib) boiled egg yolk in syrup has the name meaning “pick up gold”. Hence, they are usually consumed during auspicious events like company opening and ordination ceremony. Even crispy coconut rolls are called ทองม้วน (Thong Muan) which means “rolled-up gold”. Eating these traditional desserts will bless you with HEAPs of happiness.


While travelling in Thailand, finding souvenirs may be troublesome and trying to pack them into your already full suitcases is even more difficult. So why not order HEAP, and let us handle souvenir delivery for you. Each HEAP box features popular souvenirs and must-try dishes, including dried fruits, seafood snacks and more. Furthermore, each box supports local businesses and donates a meal for those in need (in partnership with the Scholars of Sustenance Foundation, Thailand). Let’s travel to Thailand conveniently from your home with HEAP box!

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