Vegetarian pad krapao is Thai street food. Boon tree brand canned stir fried chili basil
Thai green curry contains basil leaves, green chili and curry paste. Common Thai food eaten with rice
Massaman curry famous Thai curry with potato, peanuts and chicken. Boon tree food brand's ready-to-eat meal
Thai red curry (Gaeng daeng) and gaeng phed

Welcome to our dining table where there is plenty of delicious Thai food! A traditional Thai meal consists of a variety of side dishes to share, and everyone gathers around with their plates of rice. It’s a great culture for enjoying many dishes at the same time, along with having a valuable bonding time with your special one. We invite you to our fine Thai dining experience, in collaboration with Boon Tree Food, conveniently at your home. You just need to prepare the rice as the side dishes are all ready-to-eat, just pour them out and heat them up. Enjoy classic Thai curry dishes and the world-renowned Massaman curry, along with aromatic stir-fried chili basil. Cool down the heat with a sweet and mellow classic dessert of ข้าวหลาม (Khao Larm) Sticky Rice in Coconut Milk. Lastly, have a taste of Thai snack on-the-go with crispy fish snack. We guarantee to deliver the “Best Taste For You”.

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Boon tree food brand Chicken red curry ready-to-eat meal

แกงเผ็ด (Gaeng Ped) is a classic staple dish cooked from red curry paste. The intense color comes from dried red chilies blended with various herbs, such as lemongrass, kaffir lime and coriander. Its name means “spicy curry” from the red color and the spicier taste than other curry varieties.

Main ingredients: chicken, coconut milk, eggplant, red curry paste, basil leaves, sugar, seasoning sauce, red chili, tapioca starch

Allergens: wheat, soybeans

May contain:

Boon tree food brand chicken green curry ready-to-eat retort pouch

Green curry is called แกงเขียวหวาน (Gaeng Keaw Wharn) which can be translated to “sweet” (Wharn) and “green” (Keaw) curry. However, the word “sweet green” in Thai actually means pale green, which is the color of the curry. For this mistranslation, sometimes you might find green curry mild and sweet. Experience the real green curry taste from fresh green bird’s eye chilies in our box.

Main ingredients: chicken, coconut milk, eggplant, green curry paste, basil leaves, sugar, seasoning sauce, red chili, tapioca starch

Allergens: soybeans, wheat

May contain: –

Boon tree chicken massaman curry ready-to-eat meal in retort pouch

Massaman curry is among the most famous curry dishes in the world and has been ranked No. 1 dish in CNN’s “The World’s 50 Best Foods list”. The dish is believed to have originated from Malaysia and was introduced to Thailand in the 17th Century. With a muslim influence, the curry dish is quite different to other Thai curry dishes and contains peanuts, potatoes and onions. Unlike hot and spicy curry dishes, the Massaman curry has a mildly sweet and creamy taste. Enjoy it with a bowl of rice or white bread.

Main ingredients: chicken, potato, coconut milk, massaman curry paste, sugar, seasoning sauce, tamarind paste, oil, onion, tapioca starch, peanut

Allergens: soybeans, wheat, peanuts, fish, shellfish

May contain: –

Boon tree canned vegetarian pad krapao, stir fried chili basil included in limited edition Heap Brand's food box

ผัดกระเพรา (Pad Krapao) is among the famous street food dishes in Thailand and is the common lunch menu for local Thais. The dish uses simple ingredients but is difficult to master. The name translates to “basil stir fry” and various meat or non-meat ingredients can be added to the dish. We have selected the vegetarian version of this dish to feature in our box and you’ll be amazed by its taste.

Main ingredients: soy protein, mushroom vegetarian suace, chili, soybean oil, basil leaves, mushroom flavored seasoning powder, sugar

Allergens: soybeans, wheat

May contain:

Boon tree canned sticky rice with coconut milk, traditional thai dessert. Heap brand's Thai food box

ข้าวหลาม (Khao Larm) Sticky rice with coconut milk is a traditional Thai dessert and is a popular souvenir among the locals. The cooking process is quite complicated as a mixture of sticky rice, coconut milk and beans need to be cooked in a bamboo pole for the unique aroma. The bamboo pole is roasted in flame for almost an hour for the dish to be ready. But thanks to this new product, bamboo poles are not needed anymore and we can deliver the best taste to you anywhere in the world!

Main ingredients: sticky rice, coconut milk, sugar, red bean, corn, trehalose, salt

Allergens: beans

May contain: –

Runya baked crispy fish sheet nori seaweed flavor

Baked, not fried and 0% fat! A healthy, savory Thai snack on-the-go packed with Thai flavors. This new flavor combines Thai’s love for Japanese seaweed snack with the classic Thai treat.

Main ingredients: fish meat, tapioca starch, wheat starch, sugar, seaweed seasoning, salt

Allergens: fish, wheat, soybeans, egg, sulfites

May contain: –

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