Christmas theme thai snacks with free shipping from Thailand
Christmas theme thai snacks with free shipping from Thailand

Thailand is a festive country with year-round celebrations and festivals. With a diverse population, we embrace cultures from around the world! Head down to Central World department store for Southeast Asia’s tallest Christmas tree or celebrate your special day on a Chaophraya river cruise. Thailand is the best place for a memorable special day! We have curated classic and unique Thai snacks for you to celebrate conveniently at home!

Season’s greetings!

Pa Glaeb preserved mangosteen paste traditional thai candy.

◊ Special OTOP item ◊

One of the best way to preserve the delicate mangosteen fruit is to stir with sugar on low heat to make a paste. Mangosteen is known as the queen of fruit for its fresh, sweet and sour taste, opposite to that of durian (king of fruit).

Main ingredients: mangosteen, sugar


May contain:

Hua Hed crispy enoki mushroom snack made in Thailand. Spicy flavor

Spice up your dish with this crispy spicy fried mushroom! A new savory snack that goes well with rice or spicy salad.

Main ingredients: enoki mushroom, wheat flour, palm oil, salt, sugar, spicy flavor powder

Allergens: wheat, soybeans

May contain:

Gomuc grilled rolled squid snack with sweet chili dipping sauce. Product of Thailand featured in Heap Brand's festiv theme snack box

Sun-dried squid is passed through metal rollers to roll it into a thin sheet. The squid sheet is then grilled over charcoal flame. A chewy texture goes well with a sweet and spicy sauce.

Main ingredients: squid


May contain:

Tasto Devil flavor potato chips. Includes devil chili world's spiciest chili

How spicy can you tolerate? This flavor is even too spicy for some Thai people, so kudos for those who like it!

Main ingredients: potato, palm oil, emperor chili flake, seasoning

Allergens: soybeans

May contain: gluten,shellfish, eggs, fish, peanuts, milk, tree nuts, sulfite

Beng Beng waffle with rice crispy coated with chocolate

A classic snack that is packed with delicious tastes from chocolate, caramel, wafer and crunch!

Main ingredients: sugar, glucose, vegetable oil, wheat flour, rice crisp, milk powder, cocoa powder, cocoa butter, milk fat, maltodextrin

Allergens: wheat, milk, soybeans

May contain:

Thai jintan Nude capsule mint candy raspberry flavor. Sugar free and made in Thailand

Freshen up your day with raspberry flavored mint. This clear sugar-free mint capsule will burst in your mouth giving a unique cooling effect!

Main ingredients: coconut oil, palm oil, aspartame, sucralose


May contain:

Play more mint candy watermelon flavor. Popular Thai snack

Crispy coconut roll is called ทองม้วน (Thong Muan) in Thai which means “rolled up gold” and is believed to bring good fortune and prosperity. The snack, originated from the Portugese influence back in the Ayutthaya era (1350), is the evidence of when Thai people began the use of eggs and flour in snacks.

Main ingredients: tapioca starch, coconut milk, egg, coconut sugar, sesame

Allergens: eggs, tree nuts, sesame

May contain: –

Jolly bear gummy candy. Thai candy

Since 1973, “Jolly Bear” is among the first gummy snacks in Thailand. Initially the product failed to get accepted by the market as people back then only knew hard candies. However, with its unique taste and texture, Jolly Bear is now a classic go-to candy for all.

Main ingredients: sugar, glucose syrup, fruit juice, gelatin


May contain:

Sunsu chewy konjac jelly peach and lychee flavor. Thai snack

Lychee is a popular fruit with its sweet and sour taste and a juicy meat. Inspired by Japanese konjac jelly snack, this jelly is a big hit in Thailand.

Main ingredients: water, sugar, carrageenan, konyakku powder

Allergens: Phenylalanine

May contain:

Greenday crispy strawberry. Freeze-dried strawberry from Thailand included in Heap Brand snack box

Freeze-dried strawberry ensures the delicious taste of real fruits and adds the unique texture to strawberries. Who would have thought such a tropical country like Thailand can grow such tasty strawberries?

Main ingredients: strawberry, sugar


May contain:

Chrysanthemum instant drink powder from Thailand

1 sachet can make up to 2 cups! Chrysanthemum flower has a mild sweet taste and gives a golden yellow color. It is believed to help reduce body heat and relieve inflammation.

Main ingredients: chrysanthemum extract, sucrose, honey


May contain:

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