Heap brand curated thai snack box with fruit theme
local thai snacks made from tropical fruits
Heap brand thai snack box with fruity local thai snacks

Thai fruits are delicious and packed full with flavors from our tropical climate. We have varieties of fruits year round, from sweet ripe mango in April to sour lime in September. Among these tropical fruits, there are the King and Queen of all fruits! Durian is known as the stinkiest fruit, but also the King of all fruits from its sharp thorns and hard skin. Yet, its taste is irresistable and some can even finish the whole fruit in one go. On the other hand, Mangosteen is known as the Queen of fruits with its cute plump shape and a sweet and sour taste. Visit Thailand for a tour of amazing flavors from unique fruits you can’t find elsewhere.

Let’s get fruity!

OLE strawberry flavored candy in Heap Brand snack box

The classic candy known by all Thais. It has a unique sweet and sour strawberry flavor that there was a limited edition perfume with this candy’s unique fragrance.

Main ingredients: sugar, glucose syrup


May contain:

MK yummy gummy vitamin chews

A recent popular gummy launched by a famous restaurant brand MK. The gummy is fortified with vitamin B12, essential for normal functioning of brain and nervous system.

Main ingredients: sugar, glucose syrup, concentrated mixed berry juice, mulberry powder, vitamin B12


May contain:

FF tomato snacks in Heap Thai snack box

This is the all-time favorite snack that everybody loves. A sweet and sour treat not like the ordinary chips.

Main ingredients: wheat flour, palm oil, tapioca starch, sygar, tomato seasoning, iodized salt

Allergens: wheat,barlet, soybeans, shell fish

May contain: fish, milk, sesame, egg

Bento fish snack in Heap Thai snack box

This classic snack is usually tied end-to-end to make a long string for kids’ eating competition.

Main ingredients: surimi, tapioca starch, wheat flour, sugar, soy sauce seasoning, salt, chili powder, teriyaki flavor

Allergens: wheat, fish, soybeans

May contain: 

Pepo gummy new gummy snack in Thailand

This is a classic brand of gummy candy in Thailand that has been around for over 30 years! 

Main ingredients: glucose syrup, sugar, fruit juice


May contain: 

Kaew Taro coconut rolls OTOP product

Coconut roll is a traditional Thai dessert with the influence from the Portugese since the Ayutthaya era. The crunchy texture and the aromatic smell of taro are everyone’s favorite treat.

Main ingredients: coconut milk, tapioca flour, sugar, eggs, sesame, salt, taro flavor

Allergens: egg, sesame

May contain:

Bee Fruit freeze dried durian with stick rice in coconut milk

◊ Special OTOP item ◊

Have you ever tried the world’s stinkiest fruit, yet very tasty and creamy? Durian is renowned for its unique spiky shape, yet it has an irresistable taste. Plus, eating it the traditional way with sticky rice and coconut cream is the best.

Main ingredients: durian, sticky rice, sugar, coconut milk, salt


May contain: –

Doi Khaam dehydrated strawberry product of Thailand

Made from locally-sourced Thai strawberries grown in the Northern region of Thailand. The strawberries are smaller in shape and more sour than other common varieties.

Main ingredients: strawberry

Allergens: sulfites

May contain: –

cha tra mue instant lemon Thai tea in Heap Thai snack box

Be surprised by the classic Thai tea with lime juice that tastes totally different to your usual lemon tea. Thai tea is from the Southern region which has a strong taste and aroma with dark red color.

Main ingredients: sugar, black tea powder extract, citric acid, lime powder


May contain: 

Tamarind house dried banana and passion fruit OTOP product of Thailand

This new twist on common tropical fruits is everyone’s favorite. A fruit sandwich is made from banana chips filled with passion fruit paste.

Main ingredients: banana, sugar, palm oil, coconut, tamarind, passion fruit, salt, palm sugar


May contain: –

Classic Thai snack of pineapple jam filled crackers

In Thailand, crop yields can be unpredictable and there were times when pineapples were flooding the market and farmers couldn’t make any profit. This snack was introduced to create value from the pineapples which turned out to be popular snack.

Main ingredientswheat flour, palm oil, sugar, tapioca flour, pineapple

Allergens: wheat, barley, malt, soybeans

May contain: –

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