Loy Krathong festival theme snacks shipped from Thailand
Thai snacks with yellow packaging under Loy Krathong festival theme
Heap Brand's Loy Krathong theme snack box with curated snacks from Thailand

ประเพณีวันลอยกระทง (Prapenee Whun Loy Krathong) Loy Krathong Day is on the full moon night of the 12th month of Thai lunar calendar. This festival is widely celebrated throughout Southeast Asia with the influence from the Hindu’s festival of lights. The word “Loy” means to float and “Krathong” is a small float made from banana tree trunk, decorated with banana leaves, flowers, incense sticks and candles. A Krathong is released on the river to pay respect to the Goddess of water, as well as to float away bad luck. Along with floating Krathongs, the festival also includes a beauty pageant of “Nang Noppamas”, firework shows and krathong contests.

Happy Loy Krathong Day!

Cornae corn snack original flavor. Cone-shaped classic Thai snack

Enjoy this classic corn snack piece by piece by arranging them on your fingers! This brand has been around for over 30 years and surprisingly, with little advertisement, the snack is well-known among Thai people. 

Main ingredients: corn starch, palm oil, seasoning, sugar, salt

Allergens: wheat, soybeans, milk

May contain: peanuts

Kru pen sri brand sour tamarind candy. Made in Thailand and popular Thai souvenir snack

Tamarind is a tropical fruit that is very sour (you can tell from the face of “Kru Pensri” a famous character in Thailand). Sometimes it is used as lime alternative in cooking. When eaten alone, it’s usually dipped in salt and chili powder mix to reduce the sourness.

Main ingredients: glucose syrup, sugar, vegetable fat, non dairy creamer, vitamin C

Allergens: soybeans, milk

May contain: –

Bento spicy seafood snack larb flavor. Snack from Thailand in Heap Brand gift box

Larb is spicy minced pork salad, commonly eaten with sticky rice. Toasted rice is added to the salad to a unique aroma.  The word “larb” also means fortune, so it’s a common dish in festivals and auspicious events

Main ingredients: squid, surimi, wheat flour, tapioca starch, seasoning, sugar, salt

Allergens: fish, gluten (Phenylketonuria : Contains Phenylalanine)

May contain: 

Richly brownie brand brownie stick snack in shots. Small package made in thailand

Enjoy crunchy dark chocolate brownies with milk or on-the-go! This local brand was among the first to introduce Thai market to crunchy brownies.

Main ingredients: chocolate, sugar, wheat flour, butter, cocoa powder, eggs

Allergens: wheat, eggs, milk, soybeans

May contain: 

Tong Garden crab curry flavor broad beans sold in Thailand

Broad beans are called “Tua Pak Ar” in Thai, which means peas with open mouths! The name comes from when the beans are roasted, those with the pods cracked open are the edible ones.

Main ingredients: broad beans, wheat flour, glutinous rice flour, seasoning, palm oil, sugar, salt

Allergens: wheat

May contain: peanuts, sesame, soybeans, tree nuts, sulfites

Chaidim Lemongrass ginger tea. Organic herbal tea made in Thailand

A warming blend of citrus notes and a tingle of fragrant ginger. The fruity aroma with a sweet aftertaste can be enjoyed throughout the day. This organic herbal tea is caffeine free.

Main ingredients: lemongrass, ginger


May contain: –

Lotus Korean Bar B Q flavored biscuit snacks in the shape of chicken drumsticks.

This biscuit snack is traditionally called ขนมขาไก่ (Kanom Ka Gai) which means “chicken’s leg snack” from the thinly shaped sticks! This one however, is a new twist called “chicken drumstick snack”, that is fatter and crunchier than the original Kanom Ka Gai.

Main ingredients: wheat flour, palm oil, potato, potato starch, sugar, tom yum flavor powder, salt, seaweed

Allergens: wheat, fish, peanuts

May contain: –

Nana fruit Dehydrated golden longan. Product of Thailand featured in Heap Brand Thai snack subscription box

Longan is a tropical fruit commonly grown in the Northern region of Thailand. The meat is sweet and juicy, while the seed is used in traditional herbal medicine to reduce pain and aches.

Main ingredients: golden longan

Allergens: sulfites

May contain: –

Traditional Thai snack called ""Krayasard" made from peanuts, sesame and palm sugar.

◊ Special OTOP item ◊

Test your jaw strength with one of the hardest Thai snacks! Previously, this peanut snacks were made in times of good crop yield as it is made from rice, peanuts and sesame.

Main ingredients: peanuts, sesame, pounded rice, sugar, coconut, glucose syrup

Allergens: peanuts, sesame, tree nuts

May contain: 

Voiz waffle with cheese filling. Snack from Thailand in Heap Brand Loy Krathong theme snack box

Enjoy waffles and creamy cheese on-the-go!

Main ingredientswheat flour, sugar, vegetable fat, cheese powder, non-dairy creamer, rice crispies, whey powder

Allergens: wheat, milk, eggs, soybeans

May contain: –

Shinmai Pop rice Korean fried chicken flavor. Gluten free rice snack from Thai rice

There’s popcorn and there’s pop rice! Your new best snack for movie time with a crunchier texture.

Main ingredientsjasmine rice, palm oil, sugar, seasoning, tapioca starch, salt

Allergens: milk, soybeans

May contain: –

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