Vegan Jay Festival Theme – One Box


Jay festival is celebrated annually where people follow a strict vegan diet for 9 consecutive days! Head down to chinatown for an amazing food experience, from vegan roasted pork to steamed buns. Experience the Jay festival with 10+ items of curated vegan/vegetarian snacks! Enjoy local snacks, an exclusive postcard and free shipping to over 30 countries.

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The box contains:

  • 10+ Thai savory and sweet snacks
  • Local-favorite drink
  • OTOP item (locally made, region-specific delicacy)
  • Exclusive postcard
  • Digital product guide and allergen information
  • Free shipping from Thailand to over 30 countries

* The product images shown are for illustration purposes only, and may not be the exact representation of the products. The actual content within the snack box, including but not limited to food items, brands, packaging sizes and item quantities may vary. Heap Brand reserves the right to change product images and specifications at any time without notice.