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Curated Thai snack box
Delicious thai snacks from Heap brand thai snack subscription box

ฤดูฝน (Rue due Fon) Rainy/Monsoon season is quite long in a tropical country like Thailand. It usually begins around the end of June and continues til October. One of the most vibrant festivals in Thailand during the rainy season is the “Khao Phansa Festival.” This Buddhist festival marks the beginning of the three-month-long Buddhist Lent period and is celebrated with colorful processions, parades, and intricate candlelit offerings to temples. It’s a time for spiritual reflection, family reunions, and community gatherings. During the rainy season, Thai people believe in maintaining body balance through food. Hence, we usually have herbs and spices to warm up the body!

Come rain, come shine!

Savory strawberry with chili, salt and sugar. Made in Thailand

“Prik Klua” or Chili and Salt is usually eaten with fruits in Thailand. The mixture of salt, chili flakes and sugar help to reduce sourness and enhance the taste of the fruits.

Main ingredients: strawberry, sugar, salt

Allergens: sulfites

May contain:

Miang Kham flavored potato chips

“Miang Kham” is a traditional Thai dish served as appetizer to stimulate your tastebuds. It’s a light and refreshing dish made from wrapping various condiments, such as dried shrimp, coconut flakes, lime and chili in wild betel leaves. A sweet sauce made from palm sugar helps to meld the tastes together.

Main ingredients: potato, vegetable oil, seasoning (Phenylketonuria : Contains Phenylalanine)

Allergens: soybeans, shellfish, wheat

May contain: –

Thai spicy corn salad snack in Heap Brand theme Thai snack box

Spicy corn salad is a popular Thai dish with a nice combination of sourness, sweetness and spice. This local brand is the first to produce on-the-go spicy salad snack and it includes a spoon in the bag for your convenience.

Main ingredients: sweet corn, chili, long bean, omato, seasoning, rice bran oil

Allergens: peanut, milk, fish, soybeans

May contain: 

Thai Spicy fish snack coated with chili sauce

Dipping sauce is an essential condiment to Thai food, especially with seafood dishes. Most dipping sauces contain chili which helps to boost the taste. This brand is popular for its fish snack which comes coated in dipping sauce.

Main ingredients: fish meat, seasoning, sugar, tapioca starch, cuttlefish, wheat flour, salt, chili

Allergens: shellfish, soybeans, wheat, milk, corn, mustard, tree nut, eggs

May contain: 

Cashew nut with honey bar Thai snack

Classic healthy snack on-the-go. Unlike the usual snack bar, this brand adds a hint of tropical flavor with dried papaya. 

Main ingredients: cashew nut, dried fruit, sugar, glucose syrup, honey

Allergens: tree nuts, sulfites

May contain:

Traditional thai snack of cracker with pineapple jam filling

In Thailand, crop yields can be unpredictable and there were times when pineapples were flooding the market and farmers couldn’t make any profit. This snack was introduced to create value from pineapples which turned out to be popular snack.

Main ingredients:wheat, palm oil, sugar, tapioca flour, pineapple

Allergens: wheat, barley, malt, soybeans

May contain: –

Choco banana flavored milk tablet Thai candy

Try choco banana milkshake in a tablet. The snack is made from real milk and is rich in calcium and vitamins.

Main ingredients: full cream milk powder, cocoa powder, banana powder, icing sugar

Allergens: milk

May contain: –

Sweet chili flavored chicken skin Thai snack

Thai people love savory snacks, especially those that can compliment your meal. Have this snack with a bowl of noodle or spicy salad to add the extra crunch to your dish. The snack is rich in protein and comes in a delicious sweet and spicy sauce flavor.

Main ingredients: chicken skin, wheat flour, palm oil, sweet chili sauce, rice flour, paprika powder, pepper, chili powder, salt

Allergens: wheat

May contain: –

Sticky rice with coconut cream and taro. Thai traditional dessert

◊ Special OTOP item ◊

A traditional Thai dessert called “Khao Tom Mud” meaning tied up steamed rice. It’s made from wrapping sticky rice with coconut milk and banana in a banana leaf. It’s traditionally eaten at a Thai wedding as the dessert is served in pair and signifies eternal love. Heat up in a microwave for 15 secs for a warm and soft dessert.

Main ingredients: coconut cream, sticky rice, taro, sugar


May contain: 

Thai arabica drip coffee medium roast

Taste 100% locally-sourced Thai Arabica coffee conveniently in a drip bag. Just slowly pour around 150 ml hot water and allow the coffee to drip through.

Main ingredientsarabica coffee


May contain: –

Thai red bull flavored candy

Red Bull is one of the most famous brands of energy drink in Thailand. It is known in Thailand as “Krating Daeng”, meaning Red Bull, which is the original name of the brand.

Main ingredients: isomalt, sucralose, acesulfame

Allergens: –

May contain: –

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