Songkran theme thai snack box of snacks with blue packagings
Heap Brand songkran theme Thai snack box
Thai snack box wtih flower garland under Songkran theme

Songkran Day is marked as the Thai traditional new year day and is a national holiday from 13th-15th April annually. It is said to have originated from India and the day is widely celebrated throughout Southeast Asia, but Thailand water festival is the most well-known. The tradition involves greeting the elderly by washing their hands with flower water and receive blessings. Because April is the hottest month in Thailand, the tradition has evolved into a water festival where people enjoy water fight on the street. Experience Songkran festival through classic Thai snacks and drink.

Happy Songkran Day!

Squid Thai snack in a white package

A Thai snack with a Japanese name! However, this salty and slightly spicy snack is nothing like soft and mild Japanese treats! The shape of a cuttlefish will remind you of the sea

Main ingredients: wheat flour, tapioca flour, cuttlefish, palm oil, sugar, salt


May contain:

Salted plum thai snack waydanar brand in Heap snack box

The perfect snack to wake you up! The white powder coating around the dried plum will tickle your taste buds.

Main ingredients: plum, sugar, salt, flavoring


May contain:

Pineapple jelly snack in curated Thai snack box

Phulae pineapple is a local delicacy that is sweeter and crispier than other pineapple varieties. It has a distinct aroma and a small fruit.

Main ingredients: water, sugar, carrageenan, konyakku powder

Allergens: (Contains: Phenylalanine)

May contain:

Rice cracker in Heap brand Thai snack box

Thailand is famous for rice, especially Jasmine rice which has the iconic aromatic fragrance. This rice cracker is inspired by Japanese rice snacks “senbei”, but uses Thai rice instead for the extra crunchy texture.

Main ingredients: jasmine rice, vegetable oil, seasonings

Allergens: wheat, soybeans

May contain: 

traditional Thai desser of coconut meringue

◊ Special OTOP item ◊

A traditional dessert with a Portugese influence dated back to the Ayutthaya era (14th Century). Thai desserts usually use egg yolks as the main ingredient, hence the origin of this meringue made from unused egg whites.

Main ingredients: egg white, coconut, sugar, cocoa powder

Allergens: eggs

May contain: 

Shrimp head Thai snack featured in Heap brand snack box

A crunchy and tasty treat from the sea. We love deep-fried shrimp heads as they are high in calcium and flavorful. Have a taste of this unique savory snack. (Don’t worry, these are just crispy shells, no scary parts involved!) 

Main ingredients: shrimp heads, seasoning, shallots, palm oil, wheat flour

Allergens: wheat, shellfish

May contain:

Thai sunflower seed snack

Roasted sunflower seed is the classic snack to test your skills. Plump sunflower seeds are roasted and the extra flavor gets released as you nibble through the shell.

Main ingredients: sunflower seeds, salt, flavoring, sweetener

Allergens: tree nuts

May contain: –

Thai arabica drip coffee in Heap Brand thai snack box

100% Thai Arabica beans grown in Chiang Rai Province, in the Northern region of Thailand. This brand works closely with the local communitiy to educate the farmers and improve the quality of Thai coffee beans.

Main ingredients: coffee


May contain: –

Miang Kham Flavored potato chips Thai snack

Mieng Kham is a traditional savory appetizer or light meal. Various condiments including lime, shallots, chilis, coconut flakes and more are wrapped in wild betel leaf, and finished with a sweet palm sugar sauce. It is a bite-sized appetizer that helps cool down body heat and stimulate taste buds.

Main ingredients: potatoes, vegetable oil, seasoning

Allergens: wheat, shellfish, soybeans (Contains: Phenylalanine)

May contain: 

Salt and chili pineapple Thai snack with blue packaging in Heap Brand

The classic Thai street food. A mixture of chili flakes, salt and sugar called “Prik Klua” is used for dipping sour fruits such as pineapple and unripe mango. Along with reducing the acidity, it helps add more flavors to the fruit.

Main ingredients: pineapple, sugar, chili, salt

Allergens: sulfites

May contain: –

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