Halloween theme Thai snack box from Heap Brand curates local unique Thai snacks
Unique Thai snack Eri rocket made from silk pupae
Heap Brand snack box halloween theme includes Thai snacks and local treats

Trick or treat หลอกหรือเลี้ยง (Lhork Rue Leang)! Thailand is a welcoming country that embraces all the fun and festive cultures around the world, including Halloween. Thai culture is intertwined with supernatural beliefs and superstitions. This dates back to before Buddhism was introduced in Thailand, Thai people worshipped ghosts and spirits. Now, these beliefs are fused with Thai culture and you can experience them throughout Thailand, from spirit houses for guardian spirits to sacred tattoos. Let’s explore the supernatural beliefs with our selection of quirky and unique Thai snacks.

Trick or Treat!

Lays potato chips grilled prawn and seafood dipping sauce flavor. Thai food dish popular among Thailand travellers

This 2-in-1 combination of smoky grilled prawn and hot and sour dipping sauce is the Thai dish you don’t want to miss! The dipping sauce is the secret condiment that brightens up all seafood dishes. It is packed with flavors from chili, lime, garlic and coriander roots.

Main ingredients: potato, vegetable oil, seasoning

Allergens: soybeans, fish, shrimp

May contain: –

MAe Napa crispy banana chips. OTOP Thai snack from local Thai business. Thai select brand

◊ Special OTOP item ◊

เบรคแตก (Brake Taek) Brake Failure is a funny name that Thai people call sweet fried root chip snacks. The name comes from the irresistable taste that even cars fail to brake!

Main ingredients: banana, sugar, palm oil


May contain: –

Dozo rice crackers sweet chilli flavor. Spicy and sweet Thai snack

The snack is inspired by Japanese traditional rice snack called “senbei”. A Thai twist is added through the sweet-chili flavor, that gives the extra kick of spiciness at the end.

Main ingredients: rice, sugar, palm oil, seasoning, salt, gelatin

Allergens: wheat, soybeans, milk

May contain: 

Eri Rocket silk pupae snack cheese flavor. Thai local brand of innovative and sustainable future snack

The future of snack, high in proteins and sustainable! The snack contains eri pupae powder and the snack is designed in the shape of a cocoon.

Main ingredients: jasmine rice, palm oil, seasoning powder, corn grits, silk pupae powder

Allergens: wheat, corn, soybeans, crustaceans

May contain: histamine

Dewberry coconut pandan filled cream cake. Made in Thailand and a popular Thai cake

Pandan is a tropical plant native to Thailand. Because of the leaf’s distinctive soft and mellow aroma, it is often used in Thai desserts and as sweet wrappings. Pandan juice is believed to quench thirst and reduce body heat.

Main ingredients: eggs, sugar, wheat flour, vegetable oil, glucose syrup, fructose syrup, texturizing agent, sweetened condensed milk, emulsifier, vegetable fat

Allergens: eggs, wheat, soybeans, milk, tree buts

May contain: 

Taro rolled fish snack Bar B Q flavor. Fish strip snack made in Thailand

Ever felt tired of picking up snack piece by piece? This snack has sorted the problem with its 2m long length! You can keep enjoying the snack with free hands to play on your phone. The snack comes in the classic Bar-B-Q flavor.

Main ingredients: fish meat, tapioca starch, sugar, seasoning, salt

Allergens: soybeans, wheat, milk, corn, mustard, eggs

May contain: –

Halls lemon lime salt candy. Sold in Thailand only

Lime is a tropical fruit, similar to lemon, but has a stronger sour taste and a unique aromatic smell. With a bit of salt, this candy is perfect to quench thirst and soothe your throat. 

Main ingredients: sugar, glucose syrup, sweetener, salt


May contain:

Sunsnack sunflower seed snack spicy Mala flavor.

Recently, Sichuan’s pepper called “Mala” has been a major hit in Thailand with its spiciness and a unique numbing taste. The seasoning is added to everything from hot pot to grilled pork! 

Main ingredients: sunflower seeds, wheat, seasoning, sugar, palm oil, milk powder, salt

Allergens: wheat, milk, soybeans (Phenylketonuria : Contains Phenylalanine)

May contain: –

Jolly cola brand cola gummy with sour white coating. Classic Thai snack brand featured in Heap Brand Thai snack subscription box.

One of the first brands of gummy candy in Thailand is this “Jolly Cola”. The candy has been around for over 20 years without changing the taste or the packaging!

Main ingredients: sugar, glucose, gelatin


May contain: sulfites

Collingwood coffee drip bag Super dark flavor. Real Thai Arabica coffee beans from locally sourced Thai farms

Locally grown and roasted coffee. 100% Thai Arabica beans. Let the coffee slowly drips into your cup, and experience your journey to Thailand. For best taste, add 100-150 ml of hot water/cup.

Main ingredientscoffee


May contain: –

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