We cherish the Thai community because it’s their culture, food, and friendliness that make Thailand uniquely Thai. Therefore, we are committed to growing with our people and sustainably improving their quality of life. Along with promoting local Thai businesses to bring their amazingly delicious flavors to the world, we also provide meal support for those in need; in partnership with the Scholars of Sustenance Foundation, Thailand.

[One Tambon One Product]

OTOP One Tambon One Product Thai government incentive to promote local produce

Product unique to each sub-district (Tambon) in Thailand.

OTOP project is the local entrepreneurship stimulus program that aims to support local cooperatives in every sub-districts (Tambon) in Thailand. A unique product is selected from each sub-district to showcase as the OTOP product, which gets featured at both local and international stages. There are over 7,000 sub-districts in Thailand giving a large array of products ranging from handicrafts to food and beverages.

Scholars of sustenance foundation, Thailand donates meals for those in need


Scholars of Sustenance Foundation, Thailand

Scholars of sustenance food rescue foundation Thailand redistributes surplus food to those in need. Sustainably reduce environmental issues in Thailand

Each HEAP box contributes toward meal support for those in need in Thailand. We partner with the Scholars of Sustenance, a food rescue foundation to bring you the joy of giving. SOS Thailand fights to end hunger by establishing a balance in food supply chain through redistributing surplus food. In addition to feeding the community with over millions of meals, tons of food is rescued from going to landfills. Help us support this good cause.




HEAP is committed to ensuring that everyone in our society is included, regardless of their background, race, or ethnicity.

Banyawat is our inspirational member who doesn’t let his hearing disability be an obstacle to living a joyful life. Graphics design has always been his hobby, and we are delighted to have the opportunity to work with this hidden gem and receiving his encouraging positive vibes!

“Everyday, my happiness comes simply from all the sounds I can hear, because hearing is a GIFT.”

-Banyawat Phakapatsapong-