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Let’s explore Thailand through popular all-time favorite snacks and the classic Thai iced tea!

Lotus seed Thai custard pudding
Lotus Seed Pudding

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Thai custard pudding is called ขนมหม้อแกง (Kanom Mhor Gaeng) which means “a pot of curry dessert”, as the main ingredient is coconut milk, which traditionally was only used in curry dishes. “Moddi” is a local manufacturer that invented canned Thai desserts to increase shelf life. 

Main ingredients: rice flour, eggs, palm sugar, coconut milk, lotus seed

Allergens: eggs, milk

May contain:

Spicy caramel butter snack
Butter Caramel Snack

This sweet and buttery classic with a chewy coating is a must try. It has been around for over 30 years and this unique flavor of Thai classic savory snack “Krong Kraeng” is everyone’s favorite. Although coated with butter caramel, the snack has a peppery and garlic flavor of the traditional Krong Kraeng.

Main ingredients: caramel, palm oil, wheat flour, tapioca starch, yam, garlic, pepper, coriander seeds, seasoning

Allergens: wheat, shellfish, soybean

May contain: eggs , milk, peanuts, tree nuts, fish

Instant Thai milk tea
Instant Thai Tea

ชาเย็น (Cha yen) Thai iced tea is the classic drink at every Thai restaurants. There are two different varieties, with and without milk. The tea has a strong taste with the unique smoky aroma. Enjoy local Thai tea by just mix the instant powder with 200ml of hot water; add ice for the real Thai iced tea experience!

Main ingredients: sugar, creamer, black tea powder extract, wholemilk powder

Allergens: milk
(Contains Phenylalanine)

May contain:

Crab curry flavored crisps
Crab-curry Flavored Chips

This popular seafood dish is creamy and mildly spicy with the sweetness from fresh crab! Unlike other curry dishes, this menu also has eggs and milk in it as influenced by the Thai-Chinese chefs.

Main ingredients: potato, palm oil, seasoning

Allergens: soybeans, peanuts, fish, shellfish,wheat
(Contains phenylalanine)

May contain: eggs, milk, tree nuts

Tom Yum Kung flavored biscuit sticks
Tom-yum Flavored Biscuits

Since 1922, Glico’s biscuit snack has been known as the healthy snack, unlike other crispy snacks at the time, the biscuit was non-fried and oven-baked. There are many Thailand-limited flavors of “Pretz biscuit stick” such as this Tom yum flavor that is a popular souvenior from Thailand.

Main ingredients: wheat flour, vegetable oil, seasoning, shortening, sugar, dried shrimp powder, whole-wheat flour, yeast

Allergens: wheat, shellfish, fish, soybean, peanuts

May contain: milk

Chocolated dipped dried banana
Chocolate-coated Banana

กล้วย (Gluay) Banana is a common fruit in Thailand with over 50 different varieties. We make use of all the parts from a banana tree. The roots and trunk as herbal medicine and the fibers for ropes. We even use the leaves as food containers! Therefore, you’ll often see Thai people grow banana trees in their gardens. 

Main ingredients: banana, chocolate, sugar, vegetable fat, cocoa powder


May contain: soybean, milk, wheat

Crispconut Coconut chips
Crispy Coconut Chips

The country is blessed with tropical whether that allows all kinds of fruits to flourish. Coconut is the staple fruit of Thailand; used in both savory and sweet dishes. The unique aroma and the nutty flavor with chewy texture are why people love coconut so much!

Main ingredients: coconut, sugar, salt

Allergens: tree nuts

May contain:

Crispy Coconut Roll

Crispy coconut roll is called ทองม้วน (Thong Muan) in Thai which means “rolled up gold” and is believed to bring good fortune and prosperity. The snack, originated from the Portugese influence back in the Ayutthaya era (1350), is the evidence of when Thai people began the use of eggs and flour in snacks.

Main ingredients: tapioca starch, coconut milk, egg, coconut sugar, sesame

Allergens: eggs, tree nuts, sesame

May contain:

Spicy seafood snack
Spicy Seafood Snack

Be careful of the spiciness level as it can be quite overwhelming for some! But behind the spiciness lies the savory taste that goes well with the chewy texture. Try putting the snack in a freezer and you’ll discover a new way to enjoy Bento (with reduced spiciness too)!

Main ingredients: squid, surimi, wheat flour, tapioca starch, seasoning, sugar, salt

Allergens: fish, wheat
(Contains phenylalanine)

May contain:

Seaweed snack original flavor
Original Crispy Seaweed

“Tao Kae Noi” is the brand that started the seaweed snack boom in Thailand. The brand means “young entrepreneur” as the owner started the business when he was just 19 years old! His bibliography has even been featured in the movie “The Billionaire” in 2011.

Main ingredients: seaweed, palm oil, seasoning

Allergens: shellfish

May contain:

Milk tablet candy
Milk Tablet Original Flavor

This candy was introduced in Thailand by His Late Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej to help solve the milk oversupply problem back in 1969. After that, the candy has become popular among both domestic and international markets. 

Main ingredients: powdered milk, sugar

Allergens: milk

May contain:

Grilled chicken flavored crisps
Grilled-chicken flavor

One of the most popular Thai street food menu is ไก่ย่าง (Kai Yang) Grilled Chicken. The chicken is marinated with Thai herbs of coriander, pepper and garlic and the sweet chili dipping sauce complements the chicken by adding a sweet coating with a little bit of spiciness. Experience Thai grilled chicken with this unique crispy snack in the shape of a chicken! It also comes with sweet chili dipping sauce!

Main ingredients: wheat flour, tapioca starch, palm oil, seasoning, iodized salt

Allergens: wheat

May contain:

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