curated snack box from Heap Brand contains local Thai snacks
curated Thai snack box gift from Thailand. Includes spicy snack and limited flavor candy
Heap Brand box with classic Thai snacks and drink

สวัสดี (Sawasdee) Hello, Welcome & Greetings! Everywhere you go in Thailand you’ll often hear Sawasdee followed by a “wai”, a common greeting gesture. The tradition of “wai” reflects the Thai culture of respect and humility. The perfect “wai” essentially starts by placing your palms together, aligning five fingers beautifully on your chest. Then, bow your head slightly to place your nosetip onto your index fingers. Bending your body forward a bit will complete your wai perfectly just like how Thais do.  We have curated classic and unique Thai snacks for you to celebrate conveniently at home!

Sawasdee & Welcome to Thailand

Lays sour twist flavor potato chips. The taste of Thai food with chili and lime

Spicy salad or ยำ (yum) is one of the popular dishes in Thai cuisine. It is the perfect combination of chili and lime, along with fresh herbs and vegetables. Have a taste of the “sour twist” in Thai dishes.

Main ingredients: potato, vegetable oil, seasonings

Allergens: wheat, soybeans

May contain:

OTOP one tambon one product dried mango sheet. Traditional Thai snack and gift

◊ Special OTOP item ◊

Ripe mangoes are traditionally turned into dried mango paste for storage. The mangoes are stirred on low heat with sugar to create a paste, which is then dried in sheets.

Main ingredients: mango, sugar, salt

Allergens: sulfites

May contain:

Sunsnack nori seaweed flavor sunflower seeds snack.

Sunflower seeds are highly nutritious and have a distinct nutty flavor. This snack conveniently comes in a small packet so you can just pour it into your mouth without getting your hands dirty.

Main ingredients: sunflower seeds, wheat flour, seasoning, sugar, palm oil, milk powder, iodized salt

Allergens: wheat, milk, soybeans

May contain: shellfish, fish

Yupi gummy pizza

The perfect snack for sharing with your friends! This classic gummy snack has been around for over 20 years!

Main ingredients: glucose syrup, sugar, water, gelatin, apple juice


May contain: milk, wheat, fish, soybeans

Amira Tamarind candy with tamarind filling.

Tamarind is a tropical fruit with the shape of bean-like pod. As the fruit ripens, the pulp becomes a paste with sweet and sour taste.

Main ingredients: sugar, glucose syrup, tamarind

Allergens: wheat, barley

May contain: milk, soybeans

Gingen ginger instant drink powder from Thailand. A herbal drink to warm your body

Ginger tea is a traditional herbal remedy for indigestion and helps warming up your body. Add some honey to reduce the spiciness from ginger and a sweeter taste! Alternatively, add lime juice to freshen up your day.

Main ingredients: ginger extract


May contain:

Arigato squid snack in Heap Brand Thai snack box

A Thai snack with a Japanese name! However, this salty and slightly spicy snack is nothing like soft and mild Japanese treats! The shape of a cuttlefish will remind you of the sea.

Main ingredients: wheat flour, tapioca flour, cuttlefish, palm oil, sugar, salt


May contain: –

Taro Spicy sauce coated fish snack in Heap brand's theme thai snack box

น้ำจิ้ม (Nam Jim) Dipping sauce is the condiment that comes with most dishes in Thai cuisine from fried chicken to grilled fish. It helps add the extra spicy kick to the dish. Just like this fish snack that is coated in spicy dipping sauce to spice up your taste buds.

Main ingredients: fish meat, seasoning, sugar, tapioca starch, cuttlefish, wheat flour, iodized salt, chilli

Allergens: shellfish, soybeans, wheat, milk, corn, mustard, tree nuts, eggs

May contain:

Ojo Chocolate wafer roll Thai snack

The classic wafer snack that goes well with every desserts, from ice cream to milkshake!

Main ingredients: wheat flour, sugar, palm oil, cocoa powder, milk powder, eggs

Allergens: wheat, eggs, milk, soybeans

May contain:

Kopiko Coffee candy

All-time adult’s favorite candy! Packed with delicious coffee and intense coffee aroma.

Main ingredients: sugar, glucose, vegetable oil, coffee extract


May contain: milk, soybeans

Seleco Grilled seaweed snack sheet. Vegan and non-fried

This non-fried seaweed snack is perfect on-the-go. Enjoy the snack from the sea with no added MSG.

Main ingredients: seaweed, seaweed extract, soybean sauce, seasoning

Allergens: soybeans, wheat

May contain:

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