Assorted Thai snack under the theme Phi Ta Khon Festival of Heap Brand's snack box
Thai snacks representing the Northeastern Thai cuisine including fermented fish and spicy Thai dishes.

Introducing ประเพณีผีตาโขน (Pra Pe Nee Phi Ta Khon) the Phi Ta Khon Festival, the most cheerful and lively parade in Thailand! This famous Ghost festival is known for the colorful and vibrant mask parade at Dan sai District, Loei province in the North Eastern (Isan region) of Thailand. The event takes place over 3 consecutive days where villagers wear handmade gigantic masks to show their artistic skills around town. It is believed that the livelier the parade, the better the crop yield will be! So come join us for a fruitful year ahead!

Experience Isan region’s spicy dishes and savory delicacies!

Ten Jang BarBQ fish snack in sticks. Classic Thai snacks with an orange packaging and a big fish in front

Northeastern cuisine is known for the unique spiciness, so this month’s theme features a wide variety of spicy snacks. This Bar-B-Q flavoured fish snack has the chewy texture and conveniently comes with sticks as the perfect snack for party.

Main ingredients: fish meat, seasoning, tapioca starch, wheat, salt, soy sauce

Allergens: wheat, soybeans, fish

May contain: –

Tasto Pla raa fermented fish with herbs flavored chips. Packaging pattern is from Thai art originated in the Northeastern region Isan in Thailand

“Pla ra” is made from fermenting fish with roasted rice and salt for around 2 months. The juice is used as seasoning to add saltiness, sourness and more importantly, umami taste to dishes like spicy papaya salad. The fish meat is usually fried and eaten with rice and fresh chillies. This “Fried pla ra with mixed herb” flavored potato chips is flavorful with saltiness and sourness, with a kick of aromatic herbs.

Main ingredients: potato, palm oil, seasoning

Allergens: soybeans, milk, fish, wheat
(Contains phenylalanine)

May contain: shellfish, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts

Tong Garden Peanuts mixed anchovy and dried chilli. Spicy flavored Thai peanut snack with kaffir lime leaf and sesame

Unlike the usual peanut snacks that are seasoned with just salt, this snack is bursting with flavors from garlic, chilli and kaffir lime leaves. Crispy anchovy complements the nutty and crunchy peanuts making this the perfect snack for movies and wine!

Main ingredients: peanuts, seasoned fish, palm oil, garlic, chili, kaffir lime leaves, salt, sugar

Allergens: peanuts, fish, soybeans, sesame

May contain: wheat, milk, tree nuts

Prik Tod Fried chili with sesame snack. Local Thai snack brand with a face of a kid on the packaging.

Isan region loves spicy food! What is spicier than chili? Test your spicy level with this fried chilli snack. The snack will surprise you that it is not as spicy as you think. You’ll be amazed by the aromatic smells of fried chilli and sesame, and the crunchy texture that is so addictive. This is the local product that the maker confirms that even kids can have it!

Main ingredients: chili, flour, seasoning, palm oil

Allergens: sesame

May contain: 

Heart Beat Mango dipped in salt and chilli flavored Thai candy. classic Thai street food made into a famous candy

A classic condiment that goes well with every fruits, especially sour fruits like mango and guava, is พริกเกลือ (Prik Kluea) “Chili and salt”. Like the name suggests, it is made simply from chili flakes mixed with salt and a bit of sugar. Just a dip in “Prik Kluea” makes the fruits tastier! (Some lucky people may get Pink Guava Flavored Candy instead)!

Main ingredients: sugar, glucose syrup, salt, chili powder (Pink-Guava flavored: sugar, glucose syrup, salt, vitamin C)

Allergens: –

May contain: soybeans

Pen Neung Dried coconut strips classic Thai snack and local Thai snack made from pure coconut in Thailand

◊ Special OTOP item ◊

Unlike other dried coconut snack, the traditional method of preserving coconut meat by sweet drying gives the unique chewy texture and preserves the aromatic coconut smell.

Main ingredients: coconut, sugar, salt, sulfites

Allergens: tree nuts

May contain: –

Jeed Jard Sweet and sour chewy tamarind Thai snack. Popular Thai souvenir made from locally sourced tamarinds

Feeling sleepy? This sour tamarind snack will wake you! มะขาม (Ma kham) tamarind is a tropical fruit with tangy sweet and sour taste. It is commonly used instead of lime to give a more aromatic and softer sourness in Thai dishes. Additionally, tamarind is also a popular snack when coated with sugar to reduce its sourness.

Main ingredients: tamarind, sugar, salt, chili

Allergens: –

May contain: –

Dynamite chocolate filled mint candy. Thai candy included in Heap Brand Thai snack subscription box

There’s a surprise hidden inside this candy! First you’ll enjoy the freshness of the mint flavored outer coating. The candy will then “explode” giving a rich, creamy chocolate filling inside. This new experience will leave you asking for more.

Main ingredients: sugar, glucose syrup, vegetable fat, milk powder, cocoa powder

Allergens: milk, soybeans

May contain: wheat, peanuts, tree nuts

Richly Brownie Caramel butter toast salted egg flavor. Popular Thai snack featured in Heap Brand Thai snack box

ไข่เค็ม (Kai Khem) Salted egg adds the creamy and aromatic flavor to every dish. A unique way to preserve duck eggs is by incubating the eggs in damp salted husks which gives eggs with firm texture and saltiness. Thai people have learnt the method from oversea Chinese since the World War II period. Recently, with its addictive rich creamy taste, salted egg trend has been spreading in Thailand from salted egg flavored ice cream to crispy fish skin! Wondering how a savory ingredient can go well with sweet butter toast?

Main ingredients: butter, sugar, milk powder, salted egg, egg, wheat flour

Allergens: wheat, milk, eggs

May contain: tree nuts

Mae Jaeng instant Bael fruit tea. Thai traditional drink from dried tropical bael fruit

มะตูม (Ma Toom) Bael fruit is a tropical fruit native to Southeast Asia. The fruit is dried for preservation and then boiled in hot water to get the bael fruit tea. The fruit is rich in vitamins A and C, and is a good source of antioxidants. It is consumed as traditional herbal drink to reduce fatigue, improve digestion and freshen you up.

Main ingredients: bael fruit, sugar


May contain: –

Pretz Larb flavored biscuit sticks popular Thai souvenir snack with spicy and sour flavor

ลาบหมู (Larb Moo) Spicy minced pork salad with mixed herbs, a popular dish of the Northeastern cuisine. Grounded toasted rice gives the unique fragrance and crunchy texture. The dish is wonderfully seasoned with fish sauce, chilli flakes and lime juice. Shallots and culantro add the aroma and flavor, together with mint leaves and spring onion. The name “larb” also means good fortune, hence it is a classic dish in auspicious events.

Main ingredients: wheat flour, vegetable oil, seasoning, shortening, sugar, salt, whole-wheat flour

Allergens: wheat, milk, soybeans

May contain: peanuts, fish, shellfish

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