Among the famous festivals in Thailand, เทศกาลกินเจ (Tedsakarn Gin Jay) Vegan (Jay) Festival is the one that food lovers can’t miss. Introduced by the oversea Chinese community, the tradition of eating only vegan food for 9 consecutive days has been gaining popularity every year. The festival is celebrated throughout Thailand with many restaurants offering vegan alternatives, such as vegan roast pork, vegan chicken rice and even vegan steaks! Have a taste of the Jay Festival through our vegan/vegetarian selections of snacks.

Have a nice vegan day!

Cashew nuts
Salted Cashew Nuts

◊ Special OTOP item ◊

The oversea Chinese believes cashew nuts are symbolic of wealth and fortune as its shape is similar to Chinese gold ingots. Enjoy the crunchy and smoky taste of roasted cashew nuts from the South of Thailand.

Main ingredients: cashew nuts, salt 

Allergens: tree nuts

May contain:

coconut coated peanuts
Coconut-coated Peanuts

The classic souvenir from Thailand! Bite through the crispy coconut coating to taste the crunchy peanut inside. There may be traces of milk and eggs, so strict vegans should avoid.

Main ingredients: peanuts, wheat flour, sugar, palm oil, coconut cream, iodized salt

Allergens: peanuts, wheat

May contain: milk, eggs

rolled up seaweed snack
Rolled-up Seaweed

Seaweed sheets are common in Japanese and Korean snacks. But this famous Thai brand introduced a new twist by rolling up the seaweed and grilling them to add the crispy texture.

Main ingredients: seaweed, seasonings

Allergens: soybeans, peanuts

May contain:

crispy green pea snack
Green Pea Snack

This snack will make you forget the taste of mushy boiled green peas! The crispy and nutty flavor goes well with the aromatic Shiitake flavoring. This snack is among the popular healthy alternative snacks.

Main ingredients: green pea, vegetable oil, seasoning, iodized salt

Allergens: wheat, soybeans, sulfites

May contain:

dried mango
Dehydrated Mango

Wondered why mango-sticky rice is everyone’s favorite dish? Here’s a chance for you to try the famous Thai ripe mango. Its uniqueness comes from the sweet, aromatic fragrance which only arises when the mango is fully ripened.

Main ingredients: mango, sugar

Allergens: sulfites

May contain:

Watermelon Candy

Watermelons are known to have cooling effects, hence they are everyone’s favorite during summer time. This candy is popular for its watermelon taste with the additional menthol for extra freshness.

Main ingredients: sorbitol, vitamin C, menthol flavor


May contain:

Cereal Drink

This healthy instant drink is highly nutritious and rich in dietary fibers. Have it as your breakfast to get going in your busy days!

Main ingredients: sugar, malt, creamer, corn, calcium carbonate

Allergens: wheat

May contain: milk

Plum-flavored Strawberries

This snack is called “Revived Strawberry” in Thai! Unlike usual dried strawberries, the strawberries are mixed with plum-flavored powder to add a kick of sourness.

Main ingredients: dried strawberries, sugar, citric acid

Allergens: sulfites

May contain:

rice cracker
Crispy Rice Snack

Thailand is famous for rice, especially Jasmine rice which has the iconic aromatic fragrance. This rice cracker is inspired by Japanese rice snacks “senbei”, but uses Thai rice instead for the extra crunchy texture.

Main ingredients: jasmine rice, vegetable oil, seasonings

Allergens: wheat, soybeans

May contain:

smashed peanut snack
Smash Peanut Snack

This peanut candy is called “Tup Tap” in Thai which is the sound of when the peanuts get smashed and compressed into shape when making this snack. It is an auspicious snack in Chinese belief that brings prosperity and success. This local brand has been around since 1976!

Main ingredients: peanuts, sugar, glucose syrup

Allergens: peanuts

May contain:

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